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Mystery Flower

Top the mountain are varying flowers,
Expanding as fast as they can bloom
Prolly exhibiting joy to the smiling sun
To whom is proud into what thou had turn.

But up same mountain I know of a flower
So beautiful and lovely; the word is her…
Started from the root: should you had seen her
Thou would prolly think, she’s gonna die.

Then her petals were rare to find
Her leaf was fresh, even to the blind
This mystery flower took 15yrs to bloom,
When all of its age are either withered or dry.

…Was it hope that kept thee?
Or had thou seen thy future before sown?
For every sunshine and rainfall
It stayed dormant yet perfecting itself.

Now it is the most talked about flower
It is in thy gene; God’s perfect design
Back in time; other flowers
Prolly will think, she’s there for the count.

Compare not thy growth to thou
There’s a difference in destiny path for thee
Top the mountain flowers varies
And so they bloom at their individual time.


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