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Tales Of A Wife: She’s a land in the city

In a dream’s dream while dreaming
In another sweet dreaming dream,
She’s all the ices in the eyes seeing
Dreams and on a lip joyously scream.

A colorful butterfly tattooed pussycat
Pretty pose, a baby face looking so Innocent, small but best called a swirling flurry
Gust of wind whispers: “come and marry”.

She is like a child never born hungry
Nor thirsty but may seem needy yet don’t lack any
Don’t be scared to go for her least the dollar rises
For she’s an undiscovered land in the middle of a city.

Located far from places people lie and arise
No matter how expensive get her by your side
Even in slime don’t let it slide,
For in no distant time, she will be damn priceless.

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