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An Okiti Pigeon

Awful for worst, I gave the door a shove
Up in the sky, I sighted a white dove
Flying from the eye of Ubulu kingdom
Okiti precisely, “please don’t be dumb”
She corrects saying “even dove do cry”
Flapping across my hearts beneath where lies
The disputes of warm hatred and fainted lovelies…

That occupied the rooms meant for a mans ego
Frightened by no getaway nor an Eagle
She flew straight into my emotionless cove
Arhh!!! She cares, could this be love…?
Or the dreamt unity of a troubled kingdom
She has this sound, just like a fife and drum
As it plays, I see no impurities in her soul shingle…

Peace in love and more to come…
Not only in the sky should thou roam
Come into my abode and troubled home
Paddle me into an ocean from my lake
Take my heart and bake me a cake
Cook all soups on love recipe book
The face of fate, sings of a dove from above.

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