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Mary The Virgin

On my way to the pot of golds,

I met the Devil’s very images

Light skin, so cute, and never ages

Sky eyes,  cat gaze of enticing breavages

Her Majesty triggered my deepest illusion

I send messages through the Ravens 

Describing how Mary she is and delicious

But she spoke out beyond such devotion

Maybe in another new world of desire

Where hence arise the need for another Messiah.

Then would you be of the Holy Spirit in loves inn

Just you and I,  and I shall be Mary the Virgin.

I grieve 

​​I grieve for a land granddaddy was a baby;
I grieve for a country who voted in error…
I grieve for the poor alive and dead in Nigeria,
I grieve for the unborn who shall suffer for the failure; of our leaders…
I grieve for you who feel our problem is just from the government…
I grieve for you and I who just can’t think but keep talking.

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