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Knock knock 

​Hey,  I’m fed up,

Knock knock, I’m fed up 

…. Hey I said I’m fed up.

What is it with all the cold heat

A man can’t drink nor eat

Yet poverty is not divinely craft 

Flesh to bone,  fresh dryth

Ten’s of thousands are a daily hit

Suddenly, dust they become six feet

Who made the banks,  who made the mint

No money, no money, my nation cry, yet…

The bills is manmade and man can’t afford it! 

Knock knock, I’m fed up 

Hey I’m fed up 

…Hey, I said I’m fed up. 

When envy and hatred becometh 

The purpose of which to save earth

An impeach sermon, so we forgot it

Good or bad, my friend, make wealth!

To all length then love becomes bad health

Pain is around and tied as a gold belt

I don’t know if you feel or have ever felt

I have this feeling a body is beyond for a rent

Head is swollen for I am allergic to false pretense.

Hey I’m fed up 

Knock knock, I said I’m fed you….

… Hey I’m fed up. 


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