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Mistake in falling in love

​Lust is a diguise prank affection plays

It’s like loving based on sub-religions

Yet the bible, Qur’an and all preach love…

Don’t love base on type of church… 

Hey! A female is the church.

A man is a house, a woman the home

A husband is a speaker, his wife the amplifer.

It’s not too late to learn, so share the fire…

What plays out imperfectly, is Gods desire…

There is no perfection in love, so sings the choir.

Dating is the essence of falling in love

Marriage is a problem, only love can resolve.

Its essence has a path aimed at multiply

Multiplication continue Gods creation

The whole point in these, anyways is salvation.

If the path breaks or branch off at anypoint 

Please make heaven, please make heaven

Together as family, just make it happen…

And not to divorce or trend different path

If splitting must be, lust was mistaken for love.


  1. Eugenia says:

    Outstanding poem and thank you for the follow. It’s good to meet you.



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