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Slipping Rosary

(Written by Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu and Frank Uche Okoye.)

The night was calm, and the silence was undisturbed

Yet the evil that dwelled in it remains uncured

It was only a matter of seconds would she be awakened,

By the lightning and the slow opening of the curtains,
She sat up on the bed as she stared hard at the window,

She could swear she saw faces through the flashes of the lightning,

She froze scared as her hand trembled with her Rosary,

Then she saw it, the faces gazing at her from the window,
She felt the walls closing in as she felt them move closer,

She smelled the air of death as she muttered a prayer,

As the reapers surrounded her but didnt come closer,

As the darkness echoed at the entry of another…
Frightened, the rosary dropped in fear of the shadow projection

Echoes heard her  sympathetic pleading words in repetition

Escaping flash of light brought in a memory flash section

At the back of her mind, she could see all in quick succession….
There was a willingness of a struggle and the hatred of his affection

From behind she could feel the blades slowly cutting her silver cord

The rush of pleasant orgasm in the evil of a angry flood

As the windows banged, the air became humid and temperature dropped


In a nick of time, her roof had tens of vultures

Her eyes turned pale, she fell in love with the evil fashion

Double tapping her innermost expression

She stretched her hands to grab the rosary in a motionless action….


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