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Bitter kolanuts

The entrance to success was by long distance travels

Hunger, tasty tongues of no sweet but bitter kola nuts

Traditionalists knows its value, hence may crack jokes with it.

Its’ very first bite gave my chin a frown, and I did regret it

But it became a combination of bitter and sweet swallowed spite

My taste buds were numb but agile than it could fight.

The bitter kolanut creates the magic that neutralises 

Beneath her name to the top toxicity in the door-post of years

But as I chewed, I felt less of hard times….

I tasted the cements, and saw the walls

Walls, built in the past by little cart from bitter kolanuts…

And the structure of the present time got muscles from its stress

Which carried my bonnets to the farthest corner in towns

From bicycles to cars from caps to a crown not meant for clowns

Suddenly I began to shout and sing in libraries and quite terrains.

God bless those who put bricks in my walls

That fixed the bitterness from the kolanuts

And made me utilize materials for the patterns,

Of challenges I met, and that which hardened my zeal

Life is rich in challenges but like a bitter kola, from low or up the heel

Challenges are not sweet but it neutralizes a stagnant mindset.

The brimstone Prophesy

Ring me a bell,

Alarming, heats and sulfur of hell

Alarming from people that fell

Alarming bad storylines for a tell.

Shadows over the sun of a Nation

Raping daughters and killing sons of vision

Moving slowly and faster on same motion

Accelerating top gear on roads of unequal levels

… And tapping breaks for peace that travels.

Are we born to be doom in hardship wells

There goes a Prophet ringing his bell.

On same streets abandoned my gods…

A dying tomorrow, he sings and tell

Not solely of doom but he keeps ringing a bell

For ears to hear and trees to bear fruits

Not fruits of same polymers and isotopes

Nor to bring hope whereas they are but brimstones

Times are harder than a tribal damnation

Beware people of same denomination.

Yet enslave

Attimes we admire pretty people 

And carve a square in a cycle hole

When all that we have is undreamt 

And the tunnels, we pass has no end

But imaginations free to lend and blend

We speak like drunks that shouldn’t be heard…

But still walk into tunnels, for there are lots to be felt…

The rocky stones just keeps falling in a shadow light

If and only if, is the word we lit…

But we fail because we piloted the jet

Air we  flew, till we became reject

Broken but our hopes can’t be an eject

We know we failed, but we fail not to quit 

Because of an unrealistic foolish insight

Bigger than a planet, yet its constantly pictured

As a big sun in our swampy tiny pocket.

Round and around imposibilities, we run fast…

And find excuses beside reality coasts

Marathon for freedom yet we are free but slaves…

Chasing after chains of yesterdays…

Throwing long paces into enclosures, 

When all there is in life, is but a free slave

Hey!! atleast we think, and our brains…

… Are not caged or enslaved in caves.

Suffering in the land

  1. Hey! Let’s be frank
  2. We overlabor ourselves
  3. To mould white clay to iron calabashes
  4. We bake hard bread in icy hardships
  5. It runs in the family both rich or broke,
  6. As long as you’re a green and white folk
  7. Trending on same broken bridges and roads
  8. Patched cultures and black isotopes
  9. Abiding by same policy we create to create greed in us
  10. Let’s be frank, we burnt the bread
  11. So sing me a sonnet of the green and white songs
  12. That writes with white ink and erase itself
  13. For a tree dries each time a child dies
  14. And its blood is black and in the cloud it cries.

    Dive and shakes

    1. There’s a feeling inexpressible by even a writer
    2. Like Peter Pan, it refuse to go older
    3. All round clock, irrespective of the weather, 
    4. I don’t care, report me to my mother.
    5. Like a moon to a werewolf, fresh out of the shower
    6. Excited, I jump out of my skin, into my bed like a diver
    7. Then my shaking limb limps into grabbing the cover
    8. Almost immediately, hidden I become underneath the wrapper
    9. Within my cold curdled blood, my sorrows become lighter,
    10. Cuddling the pillows, and kicking foot to another
    11. I laugh at the dive and shakes which never grow older
    12. An excitment I had right from when I was younger.
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