e-Paper Poetry of Vinx


I’m a patient pawn

Who has slayed off and on

Strived, spanked, pushed against all odds

Boiled in hell, and roasted by volcanoes 

So when I’m faced with an option to stall

I stay in a direction opossite my tail

Staring at the giant to be written in my tales

Ready for whatever, good bad and worse

One more move, and I shall be in crown

Fifteen pieces I slayed, shows I own the town

So I don’t mind if they call me a clown

I stay muted to the Devil devices

Who is just a lone king, on a breaking ice

Temptation don’t work, bring a brothel

I’ll wait for the bell, I’ve been through hell

Spew till you tired, I shall make a check

I’ve got my bishop building me on mark

Like the snipers, I’ll wait for my turn….

And check till it’s checkmate, I’m a patient pawn.


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