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City and nature

  1. Before the Sun was energized,
  2. I drove around the city with nothing in mind to find…
  3. But stumbled upon a beauty of a kind
  4. An untold story could tell the breeze was cold.
  5. Tranquil, not even a wig or wing did flap
  6. Then I pulled over by an empty bus-stop
  7. With the radio singing sweet good morning song
  8. Could it be the sky does breath hence it sleep…
  9. Again and again, my front and back I watched
  10. Wasn’t scared of the lonely road,
  11. But that the city would soon be awake
  12. I saw yonder in a flip through a quite lake…
  13. Wondering how unhealthy we treat nature
  14. Our house, yet we perk it like the dirty vulture
  15. O my love, save the world, its’ sight and sound is super mature…
  16. From a distances, my roof the sky could touch
  17. Mixture of white and multiply colors of hoars
  18. Seasonally it gets cloudy when it morns
  19. So I wonder if the raindrops are tears 
  20. From the pains the city inflicts…
  21. I blinked, then the trees were like its walls
  22. Funny if today the beautiful city don’t wake
  23. Every morning a new fresh air it bakes..
  24. But the city has to wake to get a chunk of its cake.


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