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Yet enslave

Attimes we admire pretty people 

And carve a square in a cycle hole

When all that we have is undreamt 

And the tunnels, we pass has no end

But imaginations free to lend and blend

We speak like drunks that shouldn’t be heard…

But still walk into tunnels, for there are lots to be felt…

The rocky stones just keeps falling in a shadow light

If and only if, is the word we lit…

But we fail because we piloted the jet

Air we  flew, till we became reject

Broken but our hopes can’t be an eject

We know we failed, but we fail not to quit 

Because of an unrealistic foolish insight

Bigger than a planet, yet its constantly pictured

As a big sun in our swampy tiny pocket.

Round and around imposibilities, we run fast…

And find excuses beside reality coasts

Marathon for freedom yet we are free but slaves…

Chasing after chains of yesterdays…

Throwing long paces into enclosures, 

When all there is in life, is but a free slave

Hey!! atleast we think, and our brains…

… Are not caged or enslaved in caves.


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