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Bitter kolanuts

The entrance to success was by long distance travels

Hunger, tasty tongues of no sweet but bitter kola nuts

Traditionalists knows its value, hence may crack jokes with it.

Its’ very first bite gave my chin a frown, and I did regret it

But it became a combination of bitter and sweet swallowed spite

My taste buds were numb but agile than it could fight.

The bitter kolanut creates the magic that neutralises 

Beneath her name to the top toxicity in the door-post of years

But as I chewed, I felt less of hard times….

I tasted the cements, and saw the walls

Walls, built in the past by little cart from bitter kolanuts…

And the structure of the present time got muscles from its stress

Which carried my bonnets to the farthest corner in towns

From bicycles to cars from caps to a crown not meant for clowns

Suddenly I began to shout and sing in libraries and quite terrains.

God bless those who put bricks in my walls

That fixed the bitterness from the kolanuts

And made me utilize materials for the patterns,

Of challenges I met, and that which hardened my zeal

Life is rich in challenges but like a bitter kola, from low or up the heel

Challenges are not sweet but it neutralizes a stagnant mindset.


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