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Each time I fantasize
I grab all weights
With the tip of my glove
And my eyes sees,
Through the dark galaxies.

I turn minds into birds
Mine into jets
Stretching gravity
Swimming in the sky…
In fact, I do everything.

In my imaginations
I walk through its walls
To the end of my choice
Where, gates have no fence
And nonsense has a sense..

Each time I fantasize
I don’t create obstacles
To impede my abilities
In an unlimited world
Of possible impossibilities.

Haiku of bumps

Belle bump is fun,
Wait till you see the world,
White at the other side.

Belle bump is fun,
One two, a child’s born.
Oh! sing him a song.

Three four, the eyes blinks…
Begs to see forevermore.
Believe déjà vu…

Five six, the rain drops
Falls on all it come across,
Life is wet and dry..

Season will change
Generations will repeat
Grow you are its pride.

Paradox of results

I prefer daydreaming maybe… but,
I have written so many examinations
In which I have failed a number of times
Inside of me I felt I had passed… But,
In front of the result sheets are flying Fs
Infact I’ve got copies of such experiences.
In me there is more to my yesterdays
Irrespective of what tomorrow do brings
I imitate not for creativity is my ability… But,
In situations I expected failures
I had good grades of excellence
I am not a definition of past results
In it is but a paradox of my abilities.

Imitation is limitation

Moments when I was a boy,
My parents will say to me,
Son eat and when you grow,
Be great, grow into a surgeon…
Anita heal wounds, even with a smile.

Maybe it’s why most wishes are lifeless toy…
My parents will always say to me,
Son lanterns lit shall always glow,
Be great, you are tomorrows future…
Andy has walked several miles.

Motivated away from imitation coil,
Myself and I had to make the most of me,
Souls all have an independent flow,
By myself I chose, a different brochure…
And life is what I make of mine.

My ways

Born in pan on a coal
Bubbling, my ways maybe slow
But I have a tiny big goal
Blasting to rise and grow,
Beyond apex and the usual toes,
But hey, don’t tell me to go
Building bricks where the crowd does.

In the direction of waves.
Inside or out, I don’t move
I don’t see that often seen
In the eyes of many man…
Incase you don’t know, drop a stone on me
And watch me spread my ways
As ripples do over the waters.

Final Touch

​Be the best if you care
Babies are born as heirs
But shown not to use an air.
Birthday isn’t ugly but fine,
Bug can be a mother’s child,
Beauty can nevertheless hide.
…Beauty is like the hair
Born from various colors
Bright in all sight be it blind.
Beauty is not in cooked ideas
But in the finishing touches
Buckled up against fear.

Smiling face

Wonder why writers write
About sounds and sight
In Nations of a planet
Filled with beauty not beast.

Wondering around like a lost dust
Floating from a diamond frost.
I panicked within my rusted chest
And she smiled to put my mind to rest.

Well, time ran a marathon race
All I needed was a warm embrace
And my eyes made a trace
But I barely could see her face…

When her lashes shaked she blinked
In silence yet I heard her eyes talk
Dragging me to hell for a walk
And when we talked….

Walls fell as she smiled the daylight
Into an endless vacation…
Smiles of sugar sweet…
And bright, like it’s her profession.

Wonder why her gap teeth is all I see,
She’s the peace of an ocean and sea
Each time her face dive into smiling,
It brings this delightful feeling.

Kiss in November

I met a stranger in November
A fabulous singer,
A church girl and a believer
With a voice of a thousand chorister…

She hypnotized me
By the genres she played…
Like she has known me,
All my life with no delay…

Every minute spent together
Donkey years ran by in glider
Feet down, like coffin of passersby
In peace we shall stick and never decay.

She’s that cat-eye gazer
And I am her deep soul seer…
She smiles like the sun
Reflecting all its fun.

White teeth, brand new
Pointed nostrils too.
Talked about the memo of past
And the future became fast.

She deep her foot into my shoe
And all my endless troubles flew…
From a land of gold and coal
Into a stream of love renew

Every string she pull
Has a sound that is new
Setting every goal
Acquired by just a few.

Then the moonlight became fine
She sang “she’s mine” with a smile
Scaring all that wish to be next in line
Beyond miracles of love, it was a sign

Sign of eternal flame for a Raven
To fly into an ice oven with an eye open
Like we didnt do, but when we kissed in the scene
It was so beautiful and it tasted like heaven.

Chilling Ice

  1. ​Beauty
  2. Flows like stream,
  3. From parents
  4. To offsprings.

  1. Beauty
  2. Snowy ice
  3. Good it smells.
  4. In every it’s

  1. …Beauty,
  2. Full of sweet
  3. And candy.
  4. All I need’s
  1. …Beauty,
  2. Head to toe
  3. Gorgeousness
  4. In and out. 
  1. Beauty
  2. Depends on
  3. Her, my soul
  4. Chilling ices.
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