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Melody and I

  • Oh o ho o ho o ho… Hold my hand
  • O sweet melody from the air, water and sand
  • Orchestral of comfort that I’ve  always heard
  • Long before the smooth rough passage a crying song was sang
  • Long before my femur bones grew though and long
  • Like a heart, it’s a rare kindness, that of shall I brag
  • Don’t change the sound even if she’s lost, she will be found,
  • Don’t you know, without her the birds will be dead
  • Don’t you know, without her the clouds will go blind?
  • I will be damn if the music stops to bang
  • I will stay up late all night in a pit I shall dig
  • Incase the hummingbirds refuse to sing
  • Melodies from the back of my black tougue
  • My own sugar fire, tongue of a hot fog
  • Making reality from the sounds where fantasies belong…
  • Wake up sweet sleeping melodies of peace,
  • Would the drummers stay off their sticks
  • When the set of drums produce vibrations?
  • That is an answer when the flowers shall wither, 
  • Then I will be damn if it happens while the rain is a singer.



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