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Kiss in November

I met a stranger in November
A fabulous singer,
A church girl and a believer
With a voice of a thousand chorister…

She hypnotized me
By the genres she played…
Like she has known me,
All my life with no delay…

Every minute spent together
Donkey years ran by in glider
Feet down, like coffin of passersby
In peace we shall stick and never decay.

She’s that cat-eye gazer
And I am her deep soul seer…
She smiles like the sun
Reflecting all its fun.

White teeth, brand new
Pointed nostrils too.
Talked about the memo of past
And the future became fast.

She deep her foot into my shoe
And all my endless troubles flew…
From a land of gold and coal
Into a stream of love renew

Every string she pull
Has a sound that is new
Setting every goal
Acquired by just a few.

Then the moonlight became fine
She sang “she’s mine” with a smile
Scaring all that wish to be next in line
Beyond miracles of love, it was a sign

Sign of eternal flame for a Raven
To fly into an ice oven with an eye open
Like we didnt do, but when we kissed in the scene
It was so beautiful and it tasted like heaven.


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