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Smiling face

Wonder why writers write
About sounds and sight
In Nations of a planet
Filled with beauty not beast.

Wondering around like a lost dust
Floating from a diamond frost.
I panicked within my rusted chest
And she smiled to put my mind to rest.

Well, time ran a marathon race
All I needed was a warm embrace
And my eyes made a trace
But I barely could see her face…

When her lashes shaked she blinked
In silence yet I heard her eyes talk
Dragging me to hell for a walk
And when we talked….

Walls fell as she smiled the daylight
Into an endless vacation…
Smiles of sugar sweet…
And bright, like it’s her profession.

Wonder why her gap teeth is all I see,
She’s the peace of an ocean and sea
Each time her face dive into smiling,
It brings this delightful feeling.


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