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Pint of love

​Give me a pint of love,
And I shall rise high above
Flaws… be it hard, soft or abusive,
Not a whale-size but an alcove
Platonic, realistic and approve.

Give me a pint of love
A type that may not be crave
Or defensive but a type I can’t drive
When moving peaceful like a dove
Connecting to creek and exclave.

Give me a pint of love
Not extortive and not explosive
A type you wish to see and have
Tiny but thick in its’ small hive
A love simple but radioactive.

Give me a pint of love
One practiced and not imaginative
Not enslave but engraved in self-innovative
A type refilled anew and not imitative
A love not hyper but mildly reactive.

Give me a pint of love
Impressive not implicative
A type that grows infinitive
Far from fall and not inexpressive
A love full of initiative.

Give me a pint of love
Refreshing daily as sweet as an inquisitive-
-Knowledge, and cool as an ice of ages
Not weak but pint yet intensive
In doubt it shall be motivative.

Give me a pint of love
A love that maybe nano not negative
A love not blocked but penetrative
A love simple and radioactive
Give me that sweet pint of love.


  1. Joshua says:

    Love this

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joshua says:

    Well constructed

    Liked by 1 person


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