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I’m alive

I’m alive not because
I see things
Neither is it because
I feel things

But because
The sun that shines
Gives the moon in me
Light to stay up late.

I’m alive not because
I reflect lights
Neither is it because
I am bright.

But because
Of you in my life
My better half
My gracious sunlight.

Epic: Notes of Maya

Go high and low
Pick and throw
Away the spirit
Of inferiority.

Hey phenomenon lady
Complex but simplify
And the boys

Young or old
Would respect you
Like the Africans
Respect their elders.

#21 lines for her hips

O my! Wondrous soul..
Could feel this
Beauty blowing breeze.

She’s as neat as color white
As clean as a sterilized object
O my! Wondrous soul.

She has this face of an Angel
Yet attracts the devil
Like bean and a weavil.

All organic like trees in the garden
Her gaze could overcharge the sun
She can create confusions in heaven.

Speaking of the devil,
Her waist began with a needle
And curved out righteousness evil.

A type that gets the toad singing
She’s superb but her hips got a thing
Broad and broadcasting

Come and sin
Until you’ve seen,
You wouldn’t believe her hips could tear a jean.

How I start a day

Kookoodoodoo the cock crow
While I stretch and make a roll
From one end of the sizable bed
Onto my feet to fetch some bread.

I start my morning with greetings
Not by the ways of the cats and rats
Niether by rantings,
Quarells and curses.

On my way to the pursuit of good
Not every daylight is meant to be good
But I control the words from my mouth
Flaring every for positive strength.

Kookoodoodoo, excuse me, hey, oy!
I give praise for the grace of a renewed breath,
Hence I start my gloroius day with joy
Evading any mayhem and fight.

#30 lines of a Full moon

I held a full moon
At noon,
I tried to get it out

But my fingers were glued to it
And they settled in its pit,
Where no light has ever spooned.

I stretched
And had a great fall
Surprisingly, I floated tall

And felt an immaculate phonon
Vibrating within my spinal cord,
In turns it made a complete span

Underneath the trees;
And over the Ivory towers…
The moon scents like flowers

Its light glowed in righteousness
I touched deeper, it pulled a trigger
And smacked me down to the edge.

Each touch slammed me a voltage
Louder than all thunderstruck..
Then it sparked me into breath.

Life rushed and flowed into my brain,
Connecting nerves with rays of love
Gravity could feel the urge

The moon I held was true;
Let it rain or scotch in mist and dew
Every now and forevermore

I’ll bring this moon to you
For at the touch of love,
Everyone becomes a poet.

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