Cabinet of Greens

Verse I

He that wears a shoe
Ought to know
Where it hurts most.

All we sought
Was a cabinet,
Free of corruption and greed.

For growth, change
Was the motivational speech
The speakers preached…

From the North to South,
Then from East to West
The Eagle changed its beak.

Verse II

But why is it that
He that sings, shall be sued
For the fun of it…

Don’t deprive
A christian’s right to church
For an Islamist to bow in mosque.

Get it, this isn’t about religion
Neither is it about tribes
But a political laggard fish,

Who has refused to grow
After carelessly eating all the nutrients
Present in a greenish river.

Verse III

Now the water volumes decline
And the shores are varnishing
Away from a land that used to be high…

Into a state
Where flesh turns into bones
And fresh air being sold.

Gone are the glory days
Where a dying man
Still say; it shall be well.

Social critics
Are afraid to talk
The television shows what they’re told.

Verse IV

So allow us to broadcast our cry
And don’t sweet talk us
Into shallow graves..

Running lifelessly
From hardship
Into a ship of poverty

Paddled by a cabinet
Full of shameful captains
Arriving at volcanic valleys

Leaving behind
A cabinet short
Of glory and honesty…


  1. JohnePoetry says:

    I’m a big fan.


  2. SmithPoet says:

    Love your works. I’m a big fan



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