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#80 lines of appeal (Dad to daughters)

It is amazing
That my baby
Has become a lady
Now a newer version
Of my infinite affection
Next after her mother.
Big; but you are still tender
In the eyes of your father.

Tell your mother
Your first flow;
When you become a teen.
Thirteen to nineteen…
But in sweet sixteen;
Your curves shall sharpen
And your voice shall lighten
Beauty will rise to peak;

Now listen;
Keep friends
Whether bad or good
Always light your mind.
And as your sweet wax
Drop off a candle;
Self is that, you should handle
Don’t break the dam…

Listen to me
My precious child.
They will come
Begging for sex,
But be faithful to yourself,
For your age
Know that, sex is sweet
But, it’s so unlawful
Wait until marriage.

Should in case
You dispute me
Always use your brain,
It comes handy at most times…
Don’t go mad by a perk,
When emotion strengthens
Or weakens;
Know that love is real…

Now listen;
Taxing the boys
Or begging for love
Would cheapen you:
Build love instead…
For it is born a kid
Like a toddler, feed it stepwise
A little towards intense,

And in time
It shall grow
Into a healthy man.
Remember, no one says
To impress the society,
You should break a dam.
As you care for your skin,
Take care of the heart Within.

Don’t listen
To a gay speech
It drags nature to the pit.
Lust and infatuation
Is culled into;
Love at first sight.
Be deaf to such sentence
You are golden not for pretense.

Life is a library,
Till I die, you are tender in my sight
Because you are my lovely child.
It’s awful
To wrongly tag a shelf
Hence don’t be fooled
By boys, young or old
Give yourself; more time to grow.


  1. Very beautiful written!!!

    Liked by 1 person


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