How I start a day

Kookoodoodoo the cock crow
While I stretch and make a roll
From one end of the sizable bed
Onto my feet to fetch some bread.

I start my morning with greetings
Not by the ways of the cats and rats
Niether by rantings,
Quarells and curses.

On my way to the pursuit of good
Not every daylight is meant to be good
But I control the words from my mouth
Flaring every for positive strength.

Kookoodoodoo, excuse me, hey, oy!
I give praise for the grace of a renewed breath,
Hence I start my gloroius day with joy
Evading any mayhem and fight.


  1. A joyous cockadoodledoo to you this beautiful morning. Thanks for the beautiful poem ♡

    Liked by 1 person


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