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Lovelorn call

Love, a pundit of all odds
Against it all, he stood tall
One dime to sim another to cards
Stretching out the phone, he made a call.

Emotionally, his crush had no rush
But accepted him as just a friend
Not as her lover or any of such
Seeking love to the very end.

Faced in mute, “hello” he whispered
Since lego didn’t fit, let go was employed
His sweet sugar tasted like salt in her cake,
There was no room for love to give or take.

Feverishly, he brokedown in tears
His heart needed her sorrows and wants
But love is so cruel that life doesn’t give us
All we desperately want or need most times.

Hate Reward

In delight we flew to your enclave
But my mind and heart became a slave
To illusions I was lost within your cave
For you I fought, I thought I was brave
I lost feathers in the grey home of sage
And for love, I got hate reward for wage.


In the radiant of your lights,
We’re one and same spectra;
Having similar spiritual habits
Same sounds, and same drummer.

Snoring alike, we fall asleep
And travel from flesh and bones;
Into same dreams and share of leap,
To know the shape; of our lovely souls.

Love & lies

You were to me a cloak of light
Shining as stars in the skies,
But to you I am those insects
Blinking out lights, all at night.

Everyday you fed me sweet words
Unspeakably special as it sounds
Indisputable, you lied stylishly
In honors and adorable dignity.

Funnily, you preached in bowties
The wages of ever telling fat lies…
And that, you’ll colapse and die
Should love ever weakens or die.

Here, we have moved on so fast
Away from previous year’s unfold
But from your mouth, you dished out
The best of lies ever told.

Underneath her web

She’s as thick as a beetle
As fearlessness as a battle;
Big, her boldness protrudes,
Like appendages of the spiders.

She’s not the cover blankets
She’s my lovely guidian angel,
Underneath her shiny soft arms
Is a bulletproofed room, I dwell.

When it shines or rain
She sets up an umbrella
To cover my labile medullar;
Underwing, my sorrows drain.

She’s my lovely superhuman-girl,
Her stories I often write and tell
In poetries, she’s a sound of the bell
Alarming from the flames of hell.

Underneath her sticky webs
I feel safe and free from preys.
She has this cruelty combinations
Of patience, and creative powers.

She’s a phenomenon woman on fire
My lover and eternal Chandler
My Angel and life sweetener…
Safer I feel, underneath her arms.

Poetry birds

The birds flapped feathers
And it sounded like sparks
From bridging electric wires;
Then the leaves fell from trees
To appreciate the biding inks.

In well-wide imaginations
Bouquets of poetries
Are like the loathe of birds
With lot of expressions
And meanings hidden in lines.

#10 lines (Somonka) – Cute sharks

You are uncertain;
So brave, so cute and so smart
Dwelling in an ocean…
You see her as a doormat
To empty fake love on her.

Nights you wink at him
With your teeth you draw shadows
And loathe him to dreams,
He loves you, yet you hunt him;
You guys are deceitful cute sharks.

Temporary point

I am a bird, one of a kind
Up in the sky, strong in mind…
Daily, my wings grow broad
Until it had a minor cut,
I couldn’t fly, even with a flight:
The rain dropped and flushed

Towards me a slimy erosion of beast
I couldn’t hop or jump but puffed
Into a gel; then my wings got stocked.
I starred muted at one spot
Through the ears of the winds
Criticism whirled onto my wings.

Those of, and not my kind
Saw me down, helpless and laughed,
Till the sun came in sweet successions
And dried me up with good optimisms.
Now my wings are getting stronger
With my sharp beak, will I be a forgiver…

When I have watched friends
Erase and condemn my wings.
But to God I shall keep hopes – 
Alive! as I stay at this spot
Patiently awaiting the hills,
For my wings to heal on a rut.

#10 lines (Somonka) – Poetical Diction

You are the love poems
Exceptionally written
In different inks,
In accordance to your smiles;
You are so magnificent…

Adoring faults and spots
Your ravishing lines are chosen
By minds of great poets,
To appreciate your hotness
You’re the diction of a poet.

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