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Epic – Naked Poem

​Who the hell is the devil?
I find it difficult
To trust a pretty lady
Just like I find it awful
When fanatics do their thing.

Let’s be truthful to ourselves
We created the rich
And we created the poor
For God only created life.

Who can unravel an evil
When money is loved by all
And one way or the other
The girls get paid
For sex and love.

An ace is beaten in a race
For some brilliance
Creates menace
Politics can never be pure.

If played by the rules
No man would make heaven
When religion preach love
And practice thunder and war,
While tradition is underestimated.

To the world
Islam is a problem
Like the disaster of climate change
Christianity pollutes the globe
With contradicting denominations and belief.

Let’s be truthful to ourselves
The blacks copy and learn
The ways of the white
Yet claim to be more
Intelligent and smart.

A life in Africa
Is a life in hell
We love it as a pride
But abandon it, for a ride
Outside our tribe in search for a life.

We are here
Irrespective of continents
To live and
To die.


  1. jilawest says:

    This is beautiful. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person


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