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Epic – last call

Caught up in experiences
We kicked a ball and expected a goal,
Taking us through existence
Friendship has been so intense,
But the light has gone out for a while.

No point sitting on the fence
Hello, pick up the phone,
Hello; please don’t be sad.
Memories will never cease and desist
To flare up in the mind,

Every photograph of you and I
Reminds us of the low and high
But what we had was a bond.
In time images we might forget
But impacts shall always remain.

Love we give and pain we earn
Inner strength came, when
There was no place to turn
It’s such a pity that we flip side
Embarking on a ride to better our pride.

Moments with you will never be forgotten
Down the journey of life
And till I die, but please
Don’t be sad, I just called to say…
…bye, Hello, hello, hello.


  1. Fuse says:

    That’s a pretty sad, rather saddening, experience – and to think that it’s happening just before 14th February. Lolz.

    Nice one. However ‘seize’ should be ‘cease’in line 4 of the 2nd stanza.

    Liked by 1 person


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