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Spark in my heart

  • Verse I

Several brilliant rays
Raced from the outer space
In full velocity into the dark.

From the sun they all fell
To hit and swallow me in hell
None could, so the story tell.

With a cloak of light,
You stroke my heart
And left a spark on every cell.

  • Verse II

Even in my nerves,
For every glitter, attention got
Affection alot.

Amazingly, you were not the first
But you got into my heart
With an unspeakable radiance,

You defined my every existence…
Bringing out flawless perceptions;
You swept me off my feet in turns.

  • Verse III

Swimming in the cloak of your rays
I travelled through the moon
And landed in the sun.

No doubt, you’ve lit
An eternal flame
Now it twinkles like the stars,

Up in the sky, before you came,
Without you, my soul was dark
But now my heart has got your spark.


  1. mariamichaela says:

    Wow! This is awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. semon says:

    Lovely Poem



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