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Underneath her web

She’s as thick as a beetle
As fearlessness as a battle;
Big, her boldness protrudes,
Like appendages of the spiders.

She’s not the cover blankets
She’s my lovely guidian angel,
Underneath her shiny soft arms
Is a bulletproofed room, I dwell.

When it shines or rain
She sets up an umbrella
To cover my labile medullar;
Underwing, my sorrows drain.

She’s my lovely superhuman-girl,
Her stories I often write and tell
In poetries, she’s a sound of the bell
Alarming from the flames of hell.

Underneath her sticky webs
I feel safe and free from preys.
She has this cruelty combinations
Of patience, and creative powers.

She’s a phenomenon woman on fire
My lover and eternal Chandler
My Angel and life sweetener…
Safer I feel, underneath her arms.

1 Comment

  1. Jim Cristine Flora says:

    Good work. I enjoy your poems



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