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Then you came

(Photo by Dutchess Ema Bassey)

Down the road, endlessly I drove,
Street to street in search of a glove
To cover tonnes of naked lanterns.

And then a stove to steam a frozen heart,
Not after any kind bird but a white dove
For a bed of maze and restless night;

I bent on a groove against fear and guilt,
But drifted into confusions
And endless tale of love.

I pondered with the slides,
I tend to prove the maze right,
Only to get full flashes of red light.

Prior for a sincere move
I pleaded for the puzzle hit,
But had no room to improve.

Filled with labyrinth and a clove
I skydove into a woodstove
In the full dark of a restless night.

A troubled man, I was interwove
Then you came, with a light from above
And my dark loneliness become a shove.

1 Comment

  1. eliza rudolf says:

    Nice post…☺🙂🤗



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