e-Paper Poetry of Vinx

Retirees of life

You are free to disagree
Or grow as tall as a tree,

Berries and even a chimpanzee
Coated by Mendelian’s pea.

But as an awardee in Galilee
Wouldn’t you be the assignee

To the sweet loving honeybee
Turning lemonades into tea?

Would you setup a commitee
As a walking encyclopedia for free

To create a coffee of high degree
Imposing eternity, a mighty decree..

Would you make breathe germfree
Knowing that there is no guarantee

For these daily jamboree
Mustn’t be admired by the referee,

In the unending dark comedies
Disturbing storms, sailor’s sea

Life is a job, we are employees
Laboring as prospective retirees.


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