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A clan girl

(Image from the gallery of BrandonSP)

I know of an African
From a beautiful clan,

Who makes the Angels
Abscond heavenly roles,

She has quite a tasty skin,
Smelling fruity like roses…

She has this gorgeous face
And shape, none has ever seen;

I know of an African lady
Her beauty never dies.

Each time you call

Title: Each time you call
Author: Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu (c) 2017

You once had me, as a knight
Behind your shining armour,

But now I am an aluminium foil
Needless to your pretty humour.

Each time you are awfully bored
Or cold in the middle of the night,

You call me for temporary relief
Placing my heart on a stove to boil;

Yes! there was love, once upon a time
Now I’m a black coffee mixed with lime

Save your sugar, I now believe
Bitter is sweeter than when you called.

Why boast

This life is so frosty
Illusions make it hot,

Dry, wet, tough and dusty:
All in vanity, yet we boast

When God holds the oust
Of the seas and floating boats

With His upthrust graces,
Peddling and navigating us

Coast to coasts;
By His grace, yet

We take to pride that
We are meant to be the sailors

And pirates all by ourselves;
Forgetting that life is our host

And we are its guest; to dust
One day, we will be a ghost.

School of Truth

(photograph from WordPress Reads)

Title: School of truth
Writter : Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Lies are lemonades
In the galaxies of time,

The truth taste like limes;
On a tongue, it drops a dime…

It is ugly at the prime
But lies are just for crimes.

The school of truthfulness
Teaches black and white lies

On my paper notes
Truth I learnt not from books

Nor prose of enormous lines
Are from the embodiments of lives.

Fruit trees

Like monkeys we hung on trees
Chased by termites and honeybees
On though steel looking stems.

One branch to another, we swung
Plucking unripe fruits was wrong
We careless, childishly we belonged

To an age when life was full of fun,
From a stem to another, we turned
Casting away the unripe fruits, we ran

When the owners came out and yelled;
From the guava trees we once clustered
Unbroken spirit, we fell and even bleed.

Our acts were evil in the eyes of the old;
But we were young, not dull but bold.
Destructions were handy, so we held

On to fun at the top, as our only priority;
The trees we naked in seconds, before maturity
Could understand our childish sincerity.

Cecilia – Gazing at you

If gazing could take a sight
‚ÄčI’ll stare with no regret
Rising towards the core sunlight

Against phobias of midnight
For each time you are absent
I die in the spacecraft of my heart.

Cecilia – Chasing Shadows


Good luck chasing shadows
Good luck chasing the wind

I need a lady not a daughter
A friend and not acquittance

Heart’s playmaker, not a fighter
But one with bonds and chemistry.


I need a soulmate not any Cecilia,
Cherishing random flings on fense;

Irrespective of the beast and beauty
I need a home builder not a bulldozer

A good girl is a broken heart repairer
But in a crazy world, who will be a lover


When all appealing the heart these days
Are either seriously occupied,

Happily married, or confused,
Chasing the wind that must have a trace

Of height, thick or thin with pretty face
And white black shadow complexion race.

Cecilia – Love comes around

Cecilia is second to none, she’s a diva
Each pace she makes blossoms a flower;
She’s so thick, curvy and well-endowed
She took love to war and left him on the ground;

Misjudged, so he fought like a dying lion
Broken and helpless with wet pillows
True love found was a lost to its very own shadows,
So he roared and the turbulent storm came on.

Whirling and searching for a new lace,
Irrespective of fine face and body case;
One who can fine tune the heart in place
So in pains it roamed and ran an endless race.

On a different track Cecilia had an empty room,
Curiously, she followed a pestilent storm
And ended up where she had once began
Same love cast, came around; and became her man.


There is this frame
Draining my big brains
With lots of claims
And proclaiming shame.

It has a school
And images that plough
Through; many colors
Dyed on the bedspreads;

And wet pillows
Dripping dark shadows,
Not ugly, not fine
Wishing to undo time.

Lovely Child

(photograph by Adaobi Isabella Okeye)

For her personality I’ll latch on
To all extent, come rain, come shine,
I’ll borrow to wallow and to follow;
Wherever she goes, in solid or hollow.

Her goodness, a typical image of God;
She gives me joy, she gives me fun
Beside her, my heart drums and run
Into her soul, she’s a light and sound

Directing me to a pool of soft blood,
Rings swim with unbreakable bond;
All white she’ll be, as genes are moved
From parents to their lovely child.

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