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Blushing Bride

I was told
Never to bend or fold
But to always be bold

Chasing dreams
Big frogs and toads
Inside muds and moulds;

Obeying the do and does,
I wore winter wools for cold
I slept lonely at nights…

All that changed
The moment I met a lady
With an image of blended beauty

She gave my vision a view
And turned my heart brand new
Swimming in an ocean of passion.

Now she becomes a blushing bride
With shyness and chemistry
Arising affectionately from within

She had been a rumour to talk about
Metaphorically astonishing
From head to toes,

In the aegis of a blushing bride
Cowries, cattles and properties
As lobola is but a sympathy

Her worth can’t be bought
Nor sold in a market; for she is,
Not just a bride with a golden heart.



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