Mirror – Steal my soul

Right in the front of a mirror,
I wish to mutely stare and steal
A soul of mine, from oblivion.

Right in the front of a mirror,
Aside my shadows, I see a man
A reflection, that knows my naked all.

No blindspot in his awesome view
He stares and feels my awful pains,
He is a memory, so he is an enemy.

When I stroll, he picks a motion
With a notion to halt when I standstill;
He is a replica copy of me

Aside fluids and shining surfaces
He makes me know I’m who I am
Behind and with the colors of my eyes.

Staring back, I see the fire in his eyes
Burning out a cucumber cool cold ice
From myself, as his lonely friend.

We admire eachother’s edges in silence
Ditto, but a prisoner that intend
Searching for liberty like my humble self,

Harmonised, I fight him harder in private
While bathing, together we dance in stell
And most times, we often reminisce in solace

Right in the front of a mirror,
I see my reflection, staring back at me
He is my memory, friend and enemy…

I wonder what he thinks of me
When I scream, he screams back at me,
Hey, you ! come; and steal my soul.


  1. Beth says:

    This is really beautiful, thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person


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