e-Paper Poetry of Vinx

Overcoming death

We are all blood,
But enemies
In real sense,
Strong opponents
On the journey to wealth.

Life is beautiful
But can’t you see
We are the components
Of the deep blue Seas.

Against all odds
Is our unhappy endings,
Forming alliances
Wedging war
We fight breathe.

We are failures
In all possible
And impossible ways,
Trying to overcome death.


  1. Dear friend

    And the biggest enemy lies in us (our mind that controls us) and so we have enmity with others. Overcoming the bad habit in us and understand that we are all one, sitting in the same boat then we can make friends with everyone.

    Have a nice time

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  2. This was beautiful !

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  3. successorinspirational says:

    Competition is the order of the day. People hardly understand the fact that we actually need each other. It’s so sad.

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