Trapped in the darkest part of a lonely island
Where I’m a fairy kid, but right on my bed

I can’t turn rims to florets nor even a frame
Seems as if I’ve got a brim of talents as a flame

Burning sensation and routine that defames
I try and try but I’m trapped inside my dreams..

Like a key in an unwire or faulty ignition
I am lost inside inspiration and motivation.

But eachtime I try to turn torns to rose
I get infused periodically by another dose

Half a drop and another dose of another no
With – sorry, try again, you never know

Now even inspirations dampens my mood
Rejections and turn down now seems a food

So I’m disappointed in the shallows of the deep
Knocking myself out with a drink, plain black to sleep.


  1. sweetdevil69 says:

    I know that feeling when it seems as if everyone is trying to bury your hopes, you feel as if sadness has eternally enveloped your soul. But don’t be discouraged, we simply never fail until until we quit trying. We all fall in life at some point or the other but it’s important to gather the courage to crawl back up. For its not the fall that defines our existence, but instead its our ability to crawl back up from the depths of darkness that formulates our legacy

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Jai says:

    “Rejections and turn down now seems a food.”

    Felt that. Hope things would get better.

    Liked by 1 person


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