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Love forever

Why cry over the previous past
That succeeds in boring and pouring tears,
Break up to makeup, you fall apart

Cheer up, allow it not slacken the cord
Love at times, could tear hand band
Don’t go concluding, you have no bond

The chemistry of love is difficult to pass,
Fail not, if only you can wet its glass…
Real love is fresh like a wet green grass.

Exquisitely irresistible like air to lungs
Yes, the king flirts but you are his all
Ceasars’ Cleopatra, his only true love

You mustn’t search for love at first sight
Aside blood, all will once be a stranger
Growing deep fresh love with eachother.

Don’t weep, cheer up, sweet soul sister
Tears make you stronger, so sweep
Away distrust with its broom and go back to sleep.

Follow your heart in affection dreamland
There is always a special one for every kind
And that kind, is nothing but a love forever.


  1. megastarr1987 says:

    Love It

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mecca_amirah says:

    Love the positive message! <3 Definitely needed this today!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jane says:

    Nice work Vinx



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