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Searching through the terror of the globe
Searching for the peace of a dove
Something that falls from up above.

Something so old yet stays brand new;
Sparkling as fast as an intensity of light
Something with no dish, red flashes of light.

Searching for no clashes in dry and wet dew
Springing and sprinting on an organic mindset
Spoting no horror but a cloak of bright light,

Singing songs of curosity in the soul of the eyes
Swimming in bloods of animosity, with
Some sort of bonds, pleasures not pains.

Standing on the sharp edges of the knives
Searching for no scratch, glitch, and hitch
Sweeter than tea but better than cheese

Searching for an inner organ, frozen to ice
Searching for a skin, corroded and burnt
Searching for a half, twin with or without a fault.


  1. sweetdevil69 says:

    amazing image used it complements the skillful usage of words, truly great keep up the good work :)

    Liked by 1 person


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