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The Toast

For a toast, truthfulness is a candid truth teller
Nuptiality is allusion, brother and sister,
On the vovage, searching for a comforter
Debonair met beauty, as a complete stranger;

Attraction and affection, seafoods and fish
Breaking ice, stretching hands for a reach,
They both had lots to plow, lisp and preach
With a cultural heritage to learn and teach.

Together they turned the tides, to one end
So they blend, and propel things that tend
To grow in different space, race and creed,
So, they grew a connection sweet and kind.

Under the blue skies, they turned friends
Flapping birds, walking together down the aisles;
Isn’t it adorable they share same memories
Titled, together forever, on nuptial ferries.

So let’s make a toast, for two best friends
Who have seen the beast deep down a skin
Yet fearlessly paddled the ship, in dirt so clean
Commonly uncommon, for a King and Queen.


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