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When we ghost

We all have our individual chance
To share the ranch or break a branch
When we are put on a very hot spot.

We all have fell down on our knees
Pleading to remain young, wild and free
To our youth and needs, wishes we sent.

We all have love that panders some times
Wondering if we are alone in this universe
Only to get blank, in that awlful moment.

We are in a field, our desire is in a glass
Hopes on fire, sets flames across the grass
Leaving clouds behind, in our heavy heart.

We do know, these things we’ve lost in fire
Are fading in tandems over a rotating tyre
But we wish to know, reasons the ice do melt.

We all have asked, what and why we dream
We’ve held doubts, dubbed faith to cream
Pondering what next, when we all turn ghost.


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