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The sound I know

I am the vent while she’s a volcano
Erupting mantles of demon attractions

Turn a demon to a friend, says my physio
So I walked up to her, with all allergies.

She was a cool kid, so I didn’t ask for bio
All eyes were on her in highschool days.

Everyone knew her name but I call her Rio
For her voice was acoustically musical.

An exclamation to joy like zeus to io
She became a gentleman’s love addiction.

In my head, she’s my safety and presidio
A fortress protecting my unrest soul

Giving my troubled heart a healthy cardio
Affectionately flows as a blood in my vein.

In my head, she’s musically a large studio
In there I dub sweet songs, melodies by candies.

In my head, she’s a podcast and a radio
I listen all ears, carefully to her lyrics

Outside my head, she’s my sight, smell and audio
She’s the only sound, I hear, feel and know.


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