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Youths arise

Youth arise and take hold of your future
The white is greyish and green is faded
Youth arise and water the dried grasses
Reinforce a beacon of hope and transparent glasses
Accend to ascend to your thrones; don’t you slumber
In an economy of hardship, everything suffers
Good people turn thieves, sluts and scammers
Comeout enmass and rebuild tonnes of fortunes.

Leaders of credibilities let’s fight bad governance
Step out of your shells, enough of the oldies
Youths be bold and be completely honest
The horses of unity are wallowing into the forest
Youths be bold and evade the idea of frustrations
When; if not now, will you be the leaders of tomorrow?
Irrespective of your sin deeds, genes, and variances
Be useful, hey youths! underneath or without shelters.

I’m talking to the youths making grounds
In small or large scales, legal or illegal rounds
Those progressing, stagnant and redundant…
The youths are the strenght of the political mouths
So every youth of Africa or global origin
Born on these sediments and other regions
Enough of the red bloods spilling dirty soils…
Youths arise, speak out and kick for a good future.

I’m talking to the youths of our weird times
The youthful youth, you and I call a brother,
The youthful youth, you and I call a sister,
The youthful youths, you and I call our lovers,
The youthful youths of our rivalry colleagues,
The youthful youths we call uncle, aunti and friend
It’s time to put these menaces to an end
Youths arise! and take hold, of your bright future.

By, Onyeche Vincent Onyeka.


  1. Bro. You hit the nail on the head in this piece. What we need is us youths taking the reins of this nation and leading it aright. Enough of ancient vested interests

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