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Candy and the beast

Your beauty needs no bronzer, powder or brush,
You are adorably natural, my adrenal rush and crush.

In my book, you are the paragraph and only chapter
You are an adorable rose, a pleasant flower.

I shall suck your nectar, you’re my honey, candy, sugar,
The love of my life, you give King Kong fever.

You are the apple of my eyes, marble of my heart
My score, against the pundit’s odds I’ll be a gambler,

I’ll place my bet, leave the bush with a brush
To scrub off my animal furs and let it flush.

You are my sweetness, and adorable lighter
Ruthless like a lion, your beauty is a glitter.

But I’m a beast, no pretense in my offense
And weakness, you’re my obsess, no defense.

My brain cells you damage beyond repair
Yet you are my quickiest fix, mix and good pair.

My leakage, my satisfaction, peak and brick walls
In my marble heart, you build fence and balls

With the balls, if your love chokes, and I’m ashmatic
Your dust and cold, I shall inhale and pick.

Dying for or beside you, is an accomplished crime
I lived through the though hands of time.

By my clock, you awoke the most powerful gene
Turning Kong to a fish, and my arm to a fin,

Now I swim among shakes and whales
Loving and protecting you all the way…

You are my life friend, candy and tender heart,
Bringing out the best, from a Candy’s beast.


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