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Tonia I once knew

They say; every old was once new,
Reasons the good girls are so few.
Maybe it’s true, for Tonia I once knew
Had apples for doctors and not for hew.

She used to be something brand new,
A clean, sweet Jew, and golden too…
But that was when she sat at the pew,
For her bible is now but a soured stew.

She models in afro, like a tree of yew,
Dark complexion, fresh morning dew.
Like a sheer wine, she was a lovely brew
Till she tuned and turned to whistles blew.

She was a falcon in the days of her mew,
Seeking freedom, now her soul she sew.
She used to have this shy angelic view,
I watched her from baby, till she grew.

Tall and slender, now she’s a slaying slew,
That used to call me daddy, in teleview.
Over time, she fancied chilli to honeydew
Hot as hell, she then drew a lot of crew.

She dumped her mew, and then she flew,
Like a wind, sweet candy and lovely shoe.
Tonia is a girl I once knew but now a clew
Rolling over the suddenness of a whew!..

A succulent nipple with a diamond preview,
Heavenly ripple, and a righteous bolt unscrew.
Though she has stains from fluids of a cashew
Her beauty is natural and can never be outgrew.

Author: Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

*Inspired by a long time friend (Antonia A. M.) Who asked for a “fictional” poem about her.



  1. Vivian Zems says:

    Lovely poem. Lucky girl 🙂



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