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An angel and a demon took love to town, 
In its prime, they loss the track of time. 
Yes they are in love with eachothers smile,
Compellingly sweet as an innocent crime.

Commoners they turn, into a noble king,
Beside themselves, the birds flap and sings.
Songs that brings to the street cold winds, 
Singing love, with no commitment or ring.

Deeper the love grows sweeter than berries,
Friends they turn to black roses that fend
Sharing same needs, joy, desires and beds,
On broken stems of trees that hardly bend.

Every branch of their gold plated hearts,
Is engrossed by an eternal flame that fades
Sharing heavenly bonds and chemistries;
Answerable to the unknown by hell boundaries.

Thus limiting them from steadfast projection,
While unscrewing the bolts, beside thier attraction,
Cycling by love beach self-sentensed to extinction:
Like a drunk and brew, this love kills their future.


  1. GeorgeMariasNguva says:

    wonderful composition. its creative

    Liked by 1 person


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