Photographs by Miss Irhibhogbe Ruth

I was bored, and lost in the wide wild west;
I created the best events and got the worst,
I needed a rest and a vent to pay the rent,
I arrived; and caught your holy breath.

You sat on the bench like a fallen tree,
You shifted your curvy hips, I didn’t see
You aligned them repeatedly towards me;
You were busy that day like a honeybee.

Bluffed, I wasn’t caught out for refractive light,
Behold you were there, freaking bright
Bringing back sounds into the quite night,
But with a brush and broom, your dust I swept.

Unknowingly, it killed you, tonnes of times;
Under the thick shell, I hide in my absence,
Until we began stealing guilty eye glance,
Unexplainably; tearing my wall and fence.

Amazingly, through the wall, you made a friend,
And showed your hump, slow pace of no end;
All to catch up before the curve and bend,
And research reasons why I never blend.

Few women walk up to men for affection,
Funny how you initiated a conversation;
For when you smiled with all perfection,
Found I was in the stars of your pretty direction.


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