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By the Riverside

Warm weather, humid cloud, blue sky, no tide;
Well-conducive for lovers to heat up the bedside,
Inside a blissful golden heart, alone he does reside;

Usually he takes a long walk, rarely swim but ride,
Until one day he met a flower by the Riverside;
Coupled with wetness, that nothing of hers could hide.

Sweet slow seduction; she twerks his brains collide,
Seeing she had two sinful nipples in her underside,
Not to fetch nor to drink, he swum from Niger to Nile.

So to say, her beautifulness is a bunch of rose,
Spring pure, water dripped from her head to toes,
Through the flat tummy; suicidal her waist spins.

The smiles on her cheeks had two lovely dimples,
Tasting like honeys, was the voice from her ruby lips…
Her wetness made all her parts transparent as a glass.

Her hips protuded, well figured, so broad and wide,
Her appearance made lots of Angels lose their pride;
Fallen from heaven, he swam to make her his bride.

For within the small cities and big towns Nationwide,
Finding her is a chance only God can provide;
She’s an uncommon rose, he found by the Riverside.


  1. Debs says:

    This is well captured. Creating a vivid imagination in my mind😁👍

    Liked by 1 person


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