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Prologue: Approaching

Photograph of Lola Oj by V. Collins

Approaching you
Was never a problem
But the sweet key words to say…

Accurate in any view;
Wish I ruled your realm
By despair, I admire you at the bay…

Attimes I saw us two;
Walking in my head, as same
But the realities were mine to pray…

Approaching you
Was never a problem
But the heavy no, that you might say…

Autumns brought you through,
Winter came; I passed a blame
By the moment you pass my way…

A drop of your dew
Water my woody phellem
Between God and man, you slay…

Approaching you
Was never a problem
But I was inexperience and dull as jay…

Attempts I made were few
With the way you bloom
Bet, in my dreams, you were my hay…

A great deal of holy jew
With soft lips of a kiss emblem
Blowing cool germfree air, so to say…

Approaching you
Was never a problem
But I wanted all faults to be a fay…

Awesome as new
Wave hot like ylem
Believe me, you are a cosmos clay…

Apparently moulded too
White eyes, you’re a golem
Bright and loveable all night and day…

Approaching you
Was never my problem
But how to properly handle your ray…

Prologue: School days

Back in school days
My best friends
And I;
Where the few people
Who knew
How much I admired you…

They would often
Make jokes of it
And I;
Knew it was no lie
That I
Had a soft spot for you…

But I was so scared
To man up and walk up
To you;
For you might say no
And worse,
Forever not look my way…

These were the assumptions
I made, back in school days…
To me;
You were the sun reservoir
To me,
You were a storeroom of stars..

I saw reflections in your eyes
I tried to resist forward push
From friends,
But; the magnet of adorations
In my heart,
Kept pushing me forward to you…

Hope he

Now that
There’s another
Replacing my spot;

Hope he
Smiles and plays
Well with you…

Hope he
Is the remote
And controller you need…

Hope he
Is time friendly,
Calls and text, and never late…

Hope he
Is that gentleman
That never turns you off…

Hope he
Does all the
Silly things I don’t…

Hope he
Serves you
Breakfast in bed…

Hope he
Doesn’t stare
At the tails of other birds..

Hope he
Walks down
The broadway with you…

Hope he
Holds your hands
Eachtime you are scared…

Hope he
Loves you
As much as you do…

Hope he
Smooches and
Tickles your ecstasies…

Hope he
Gives you
The feelings; you’ve come…

Hope he
Does satisfy you
Enough to bear a young…

Now that
The machines
Are replacing my spot.

By the Riverside

Warm weather, humid cloud, blue sky, no tide;
Well-conducive for lovers to heat up the bedside,
Inside a blissful golden heart, alone he does reside;

Usually he takes a long walk, rarely swim but ride,
Until one day he met a flower by the Riverside;
Coupled with wetness, that nothing of hers could hide.

Sweet slow seduction; she twerks his brains collide,
Seeing she had two sinful nipples in her underside,
Not to fetch nor to drink, he swum from Niger to Nile.

So to say, her beautifulness is a bunch of rose,
Spring pure, water dripped from her head to toes,
Through the flat tummy; suicidal her waist spins.

The smiles on her cheeks had two lovely dimples,
Tasting like honeys, was the voice from her ruby lips…
Her wetness made all her parts transparent as a glass.

Her hips protuded, well figured, so broad and wide,
Her appearance made lots of Angels lose their pride;
Fallen from heaven, he swam to make her his bride.

For within the small cities and big towns Nationwide,
Finding her is a chance only God can provide;
She’s an uncommon rose, he found by the Riverside.

Play you a song

Photography by Irhibhogbe Ruth

I will play you a song,
For your heart to keep
And your mind to trip;
While sailing on a lonely ship.

I will play you a song,
Wool soft; a calm sheep,
Good music, candy to rip;
Sweet slow blues, cool and deep.

I will play you a song,
Sweep you off your feet
Bring goodluck not wheep;
Long lasting trot, in a music jeep.

I will play you a song,
For your heart to beep
And your beats to skip;
I’ll play you… till you fall asleep.

The concept

Photographs by Miss Ruth I.

In life, there are few females
But more in this musical room.
Listen closely to the sounds
From the strings of my guiter.

It goes wile, when you’re around
It can’t stop to touch the ground
Music makes the cows milk more
You are musical, the one I die for.

At my back she might be taken
To my left she may be finer
To my right she may seduce me
But the concept I need is you.


Have you ever met Morta, in the forest,
Then you’ll know, life isn’t short but brief.
Her breath is what iron needs to rust,
All females heart beats, faster than men.

Here we float on her temporary crust,
Praying she is light, with a note or a pen.
Have you seen the heads inside her chest,
Medics are there, she’s everybody’s wife.

Hope she’s a beauty with milky breast too,
Death seductive, cutting the threads of life.
Her body must be large, hot and cold too,
Wired with a blade; from a dreadful knife.

Heaven knows, she’s an inevitable path,
That loves violence, conflicts and strife.
Her admirations are both dull and bright,
She’s a version of bad, domestic, wildlife.

However, she’s good to all beams and ray,
Rotating in clubs, as the life of nightlife.
Home she comes, when the blacks are grey
Then shall there be, a room for all of us.

Let’s make babies (#II)

Hug and squeeze me,
Unleash and free me;
You can’t tickle yourself.

We are close bunnies,
Crazy in love zombies;
I’m a snail, you’re a shell.

Hug and squeeze me,
Align and smooch me;
I’m a book, you’re my shelf.

Study my eternities,
While we make babies;
Turning near zero to hell.

Let’s make babies (#I)

Deep the tongue and discover new hobbies,
Lick and suck, the rigs and candies,
Baby stay home, if your blood still flows.

Deprive not a desperate man at the edge,
Hold me strong, let’s fulfill our pledge,
Unbutton our clothes, let’s create wedge.

Drill me softy, with the tips of your breasts,
Kiss me with the hint of your sweet juices,
Mount on me and ride those hips of yours.

Deep your soft sweet soul into the rivers,
Let’s experience peace of sweet lullabies
Baby, let’s make love, let’s make babies.

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