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I die hard

I go barefoot on the sharp blade of a knife,
Engaging in a fight against the odds of life;
Enjoying breath; lifelong borrowed wife.

My red blood flow forth suddenly in rush,
It excruciate pain; in loudness-cum-hush;
It frighten me; that I gazed up to church.

Scrawling to crucifix, with a rapid breath
Dazzling beats, but as I’m about to quit;
Drops of lost energies in me, refuse defeat.

From no where cometh a mild wet tongue
Rehydrating my kidney, that laid on a rug; 
Regerminating hope that is thick and long,

Reviving my metabolism, back on my feet,
In front of sticks, stones and a combatant;
I die hard! When it comes to push and lift.

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