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Wax of Existence

Photograph of Kendrick Lemar

Existence is a dark room
Whose entity needs a light

To spark away the nights
And for a continuity of life.

It is about sustaining the light
With lots of prestigious fights

Every second a wax is lost
To the verge of the darkest dark.

Existance is like a burning wax
Above its head is fire thread

That shows it the way to trend
And melts its wax down to ground.

Existence breath is but a light
That gradually dims it shine

Every second a wax is lost
Fading into the darkest dark.

For continuity of an entity
Unto a new candle wax is where

It’s meant to transfer its light
Else, existance shall be a myth.



  1. I believe rebirth or children is where the light goes

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  2. amazingggg…i love your poems

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