Nigeria: Dialogue

The Igbo tribe is a bight
Larger than the wildest bay

The Hausa tribe is a bight
Wilder than the largest gulf,

The Yoruba’s are also a bight
Deeper than the deepest depth.

There are other tribes in dark
Clamoring for a torch of light.

Why engage in a bloody fight
When it is not solely right.

We are of several statutory parts
Dried and hot, warming paths,

Of the coastline and River lives;
But the militants are talking knives. 

Oil boom has its twist and turns
Diversity slams a bight of elbows

Economically, broken are our jaws
Inciting war of uncommon laws.

I understand you are bothered
About broken promises altered

Hey come sit around the fire
Let’s make of sticks a broom desire.

Note, for this coast to be stronger
Dialogue is all we need, my brother.


  1. Naana says:

    Dialogue coupled with willingness of the people to maintain peace and avoid corruptible ways of doing things. This will bring change to a bleeding nation

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  2. FutureBlogger says:

    True and captivating read. It is very sad that we do not learn from previous mistakes

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  3. I really believe in the message of this poem! Dialogue is all we need.

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  4. Love this! Truly all that is needed is dialogue

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