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Many dive to dime
Many farm in waves
Many wives escape
Many changing logs.

Many sheep with horns
Many sleep with dogs
Many ships in locks
Many changing logs.

Many giants in bugs
Many siblings love
Many dads thrust child
Many changing logs.

Many secrets leak
Many mothers lick
Many evil acts
Many changing logs.

Many preg in-laws
Many broken laws
Many perverse loss..
Many changing logs.


Funny, each time I see neem
I feel like blood gaining Haem.

Worthy like dimes costly balm;
Like shark in floods writing poems.

They are poisons full to brim;
Leave’s free, rare cord making brain.

So fine they seem evergreen
Their trees in cloud gathers rain.

Greedy world

Sourced from artfido on instagram

Tell me, of what logic
Is there in loving poverty
Or being a greedy bastard
Replacing rice with sand
Selling dust as custard.

Tell me, of what logic
Is there in abnormalities
Rodents chasing the cats
Or direction with no sight
By a wingless deaf bat.

Tell me, of what logic
Is there in gathering wealth
Deceptive with pleasant scent
When the medics of health
Fall sick; loose a breath.

Tell me, of what logic
Building bricks on waging floor
Flaring gas and closing door
Pouring dust onto a flour
Yet we are made of blood.

© Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com

By Vincent Onyekachukwu Onyeche

Photograph Sourced from artfido on instagram

Stained Green

We have all interpreted
Nigeria’s swindling economy,
By paralysed leadership

And its failed policies
What we haven’t really done
Is to wash the dirty flag…!

Lament in church

Title: Lament in church

By Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

On a serious note;
There is God
There is a creator
But; why do we believe;
Heaven is up towards the sky?

On a serious note;
The once the creator
Find unworthy
Shall be cast away
But, why do we believe

That hell is underneath?
That the Devil is grey,
Red or black in cloth;
Found in snakes, owls
And a bringer of death?

Why do we believe
The LIGHT is of white robe
How can you convince Vinz
Yet tell Vinz to study books
But great minds and holy Bible?

Who made the forbidden tree
And what was the future plan
Why do we affiliate bad times
Accidents and coincidence
To the wicked act of the devil

Has the devil been misjudged?
Do we forget that this world
Is wonderfully made and
Not yet a perfect world
We are here as an enzyme

Catalyzing its creation
Catalyzing its destruction
Why make wrong decision
To scattered it all
Just to survive more hours…

We are passersby
Soon we all shall say bye;
Who comes into these world
Last for ages without tasting
The sweet and sour.

I am true to my religion
But we in the temple
Gets me into skepticism…
We scream Amen Amen
To prayers against sickness,

Witch hunts, prosperity
And we give a French kiss
To the love of sin
To achieving health,
Fighting competitors,

Pull them down syndrome
Bagging wealth.
I am not a pastor,
I am not a preacher
I am but a sinner

Please soul sister and brother
When I say amen
In a low voice
Or adamant to make some noise
Forgive me because I am not you.

  • Vincent Onyekachukwu Onyeche
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