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Question and Answer

Question for today!

If your life was made a movie, which of the popular actors or actresses will play you?

Peace is within

Peace is within, not on hills
Peace is a bird floating free
Peace is the stars up in the sky;
Peace is an inner flame of man
But often misunderstood
For weakness in the hood.

Peace is the secret to eternity
Peace binds a community
Peace is the emptiness in hollow
Peace makes pride swallowed
It is a light quenching shadows
It is a fun filled life not borrowed.

Peace comes from within,
Peace is happiness and freedom
Peace is like charity,
Peace begins from homes
Flowing in streets and Oceans
Its makes a fish age not.

Peace is a seed that grows
Peace is a bouquet of rose
Peace is a language of God
Peace is that the world needs
Not disputes, wars nor walls
Rise up to the clarion call.

Peace is within, not on hills
Peace is a bird floating free
Peace is the stars up in the sky;
Peace is an inner flame of man
The world dies of thirst in a lake
Because She lacks peace.

Date: (5-08-2017)

© 2017

By Vincent Onyekachukwu Onyeche


Smart is a sharp quick pain
Smart is suffering mental pain
Smart is affliction lively pain
Smart is vivacious sudden pain
Smart is a sting, a fast pain
Why do people still love smart?

Smart is dandy, a classic lane
Smart is clever, it brings fame
Smart is brisk more than a name
Smart is pain, less with more gain
Smart is being the best you claim,
We love smart and that’s the fact.

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Erased words

Hello dear; can you relate
To words I annihilate
From the deepest part of depth
Several feet down the root.

No one read my, I love you
No one heard my , I hate you
Those sentences I made flew
Can anyone here relate too..?

Emancipated; yet in jail,
Have you ever cast to bin
A blind needle, called a pin
Just to save, even a kid.

Well I have, unspoken word
Dirty teeth inside the clit
Of politics and elites
It is like chess, pawn on board.

Delete I press even to foes
Erasers get shorten toes
At times I cancel pages
Just to save a spot on stage.

We have a choice

We all blame the government
For pushing us into the pit
Of hell and the sweet pleasant
Things, prostitution, ritual, theft
Drugs and human trafficking…

We all blame the government
For getting us into shorter breath
By the fake holy preacher nest
Let us fleek the tape in our chest
To realise we all have a choice.

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