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When I am in love

You will surely know
When a river flow,

For my face shall glow
And my brain will blow

Tap of desire open;
To trust playful spoon…

…Like kids to cartoon
Fountains I shall own

My heart shall beat fast
While time becomes flash;

I shall hold a brash
Of unpleasant trash;

Even when I crash
In dark will I dash…

…My eyes shall turn rays
Into beam arrays…

The stars can’t hide
Smelling good inside;

An apple rose hole
Spots I lay my soul,

The beast will be free,
Set on naughty tree…

… Wind will blow the mill
Sun shall burn in me

And the white snow chill
My valleys to hills.

All I see is thee
That makes me true me;

Note, all is involve!
When I am; in love.


  1. I loved the peak in the middle I got wrapped up in this! Love it 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hehehehehe Blueframedgirl… Thanks love love love lol



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